White Beauties (Re-post)

(This post originally published in November 2010)

Today’s post includes some images I made in 2009, prior to starting my nature blog, and are of some Trumpeter Swans (Cygnus buccinator). Up until just a few short years ago, Trumpeter Swans were typically not seen in Missouri. However, a small group started wintering at Squaw Creek NWR, which is located in northwest Missouri. And over the past 2-3 years, at least 2-3 pair have been observed to be nesting in the state!

I decided to post on the wintering Trumpeter Swans because they have been in the forefront of my mind. This is the time of year they begin congregating at the refuge, along with wintering bald eagles. In fact, I checked the refuge’s waterfowl counts last week and am glad to see that they counted 51 Trumpeter Swans at that time. The Bald Eagle count was a bit disappointing … 15 eagles as of last week. But with our recent cold wave, I expect this week’s numbers (to be published by the refuge today) to be even higher, for both the swans and eagles. In fact, I may drive to the refuge (only 2 hours away) very soon to photograph these 2 species. Here are a few Trumpeter Swan images I captured last year at this time:

Trumpeter Swan flying


Trumpeter Swans flying


Trumpeter Swans gathering on refuge waters


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