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With the Dallas “Paw Prints” art festival midway through this Mother’s Day weekend event, I’m posting a news item, along with some photos from a previous post. I hope to be back on “real time” real soon!

Last weekend, I participated in the “ArtsFest on Walnut Street” art festival in Springfield, Missouri. I met a lot of wonderful people, sold some nature prints and magnets, and had a whole lotta fun talking “shop” to many visitors to my booth. On Saturday afternoon, coincidentally during a slow time, I received a phone call from my friend back home, about the barn owls. As I had noted just recently (Barney & Mate Make A Return Appearance), a pair of Barn Owls was now residing in the barn where I first became aware of them, a couple of years ago. This phone call I received contained some more great news … not only is the owl pair nesting in the barn again, but they are definitely using my nesting box I made specially for them, and they now have nestlings!

The barn owner’s sons had entered the barn for some equipment and one adult owl left the barn, but the other one (momma owl?) would not leave, but flew about and made a lot of noise at the “intruder”. And some muffled noises were heard in the box!

Last Monday, I went over and installed a trail camera in the barn, to capture some video of the owls’ activities … and hopefully to get our first glimpse at the baby owls. Upon returning home from my Dallas show, I will check out the camera and see what we have. :o)

Here is one of my favorite images of the Barn Owls … one that I captured after first learning of their residence in this barn a few years ago:

Barn Owls

Stay tuned for updates on this family … and hopefully some fun video!

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