Barn Owl Update

A few nights ago, I drove to the barn where the barn owl family is residing. But when I entered the barn, only two owls were found … one of the adults with one baby:


Adult Barn Owl with Young


Adult Barn Owl with Young


But where are the other owls? There should be another adult and two more young owls. A short while later, we ran into one of the owners’ sons. He mentioned that some of the owls were seen earlier in the day, in another, open barn area. We walked to that barn, but again no owls. A short time later, the owner’s son climbed the ladder of the grain bin where the barn owls had nested. As he approached the hatch to the bin, he heard several “hisses” coming from inside the bin. Seems that some of the young owls had relocated back to the grain bin! That’s concerning, especially since our temperatures are reaching and exceeding 100 degrees F. Hopefully, the owls will survive these extreme temperatures, or better yet, relocate back to one of the cooler barn areas.

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