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Pretty in Blue

Today, I’m featuring an image that was captured during a hike on a Missouri prairie, a number of years ago. While photographing in the early morning, I came across this brilliantly-colored, blue damselfly as it rested on a blade of prairie grass: This image was captured pre-2004, when I was still shooting 35mm slides. I […]

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Pollinators at Work

Today’s post features an image I captured over the weekend. I have 3 patches of Showy Goldenrod planted in the church butterfly garden and all are profusely blooming right now. Being an “end of season” bloomer, the Goldenrod is near the top of the pollinator’s wish list at the buffet table, this late in the […]

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CAUTION ARACHNOPHOBICS … You might not want to check out this beautiful spider!!! Today’s post features a camera photo I captured yesterday while working in the church butterfly garden, here at the Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri). While weeding, deadheading some of the flowers, and spreading fresh mulch, I noticed this beautiful and brilliantly-colored Goldenrod […]

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A Stick that Walks

Today’s post features an insect I have always been interested in … the Walking Stick. Every time I see one, I am amazed at the camouflage ability of this guy in the garden. I was lucky this time … as he moved across the mulched garden bed, it was easy to see him as he […]

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No Waste Here!

Today’s post features a fun image I captured a few years ago on a dew-covered Dorsett Hill Prairie (west-central Missouri). The Thread-waisted Wasp is an interesting find. With it’s uniquely long and very slim “waist”, this is a larger and nonsocial wasp. The Thread-waisted Wasp is an ambush attacker, immobilizing insect prey with a swift […]

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Birth of a Monarch

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