Fun Friday: A Typical Morning!

Wednesday evening, the local weathermen forecast Thursday morning, using the F-bomb twice … Frost and Fog. Anytime these are forecast, it’s time to set the alarm clock for an early morning of nature photography! So, like a good little nature photographer, I set out all my equipment … camera, tripod, batteries, cards, long underwear, coat, etc. Then I set the alarm for an early morning … which can be difficult at this time of year when the warmth of the bed has some allure over getting up early and stepping out into the crisp, frosty morning! But I managed to get up, with only one “snooze” button tap.

I headed out to one of my favorite places to capture dragonfly images. I was hoping to find and capture another frosted dragonfly, like I did a few years ago (here is a post I published after finding this little guy). I arrived and looked everywhere, but could not find any frost. So I decided to photograph the fog over the lake. I hiked down to the lake, but not much fog:

Fog over Amarugia Lake

A nice sight, but not what I was looking for (and was it worth leaving the warm bed?)  :o)

I decided to drive back home and check out the wildflowers around my rural home. Once there, again I looked for frost … none found. I did photograph a few of the many fall asters that are blooming right now, then decided to go inside and fix some breakfast. As I walked around the large wildflower bed (the one my late wife always took care of), I came around a corner and almost stepped on a beautiful little Ladies’ Tresses, a small orchid. It was growing in the lawn, where I mow:
Ladies' Tresses wildflowers

Just 2 weeks ago, I was scouring over a nearby prairie, trying to find these little beauties. As nature photography goes, this was a “typical” day … having certain expectations, but ending up with something totally different! Ya gotta love it!

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 5D Mark 3 body
  • Canon 180mm, f/3.5 macro lens
  • Bogen 3221 tripod with Ballhead
  • ISO 800 (both images)
  • Aperture f/18 (top image) and f/3.5 (bottom image)
  • Shutter 1/40 sec. (top image) and 1/60 sec. (bottom image)



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