Fun Friday: Got Milk?

Today’s “Fun Friday” post is a sequence of shots I made of a Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus) ewe and her month-old “kid”, as they foraged along an overlook on the Mount Evans Highway in Colorado, back in July. While foraging, the kid decided it was time for milk, so he walked over to mom and began to nurse:


Mountain Goat kid, nursing

Mountain Goat kid, nursing


However, mom had a different idea:

Mountain Goat kid, nursing



Realizing he had been overruled, the kid joined mom as they both looked into the valley:

Mountain Goat ewe and kid, looking over the valley


I observed this same behavior every day I was with the goats. Every time Junior would try to nurse, the ewe would discourage it. Since the kids were only ~5 weeks old, it was a bit surprising that the ewes were seemingly trying to wean the kids from nursing already. But it sure didn’t stop the kids from trying!

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