Hallo Bay … My Nemesis Inhabitant

Today’s post draws my quest to find my nemesis Hallo Bay inhabitant to conclusion. I have been to Hallo Bay Bear Camp 6 times and have never seen a wolf at camp during my previous 5 trips, although many guests to the camp walk away with great memories, even photos, of these splendid creatures. Oh, I’ve seen wolf tracks on every trip to the camp. In fact, every trek out to photograph bears, we almost always see fresh wolf tracks along the beach. But I had never seen an actual wolf! On most of my trips to the camp, I would get there to find that a pack of wolves passed the guests in the meadow earlier that day. Or, I would fly back to Homer only to hear that the guests saw wolves while I was in flight back to Homer. It was just one of those things that had eluded me for so long!

When I arrived at the camp on this latest trip, I wittingly told one of the camp guides that they needed to phone 1-800-Rent-A-Wolf to get one delivered to camp … just for me! And I was feeling good to hear that the past 2-3 weeks had several wolves visiting Clint’s Creek (where we view/photograph brown bears near the camp), even had them chasing/catching salmon!

Well, my first few visits to Clint’s Creek was fruitless for me, with regards to wolves. That is, until my fourth day at camp. On that morning, I was fortunate to finally see a wolf … albeit only for about 15 seconds, but nevertheless, a real, live wolf! It was coming up Clint’s Creek and climbed on top of a pile of driftwood, pausing to allow me to grab 3 quick photos, before it disappeared into the woods. That was it for me … the one and only wolf seen at Hallo Bay! I’m hoping the spell has now been broken and my next trip to Hallo Bay Bear Camp will have me photographing wolves up close and personal, like many of the guests experience. Until then, enjoy my “one and only Hallo Bay wolf”, a young wolf that made my day!

Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

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