Fun Friday: Where is Spring?

With temperatures in the Midwest dipping so low, I thought a cute, winter image would be appropriate for this week’s “Fun Friday” post:

Bison calf with snow on face

This image was captured in beautiful Yellowstone NP, in the middle of winter. As the free-ranging Bison forage for food, they swing their large, muscular heads side-to-side to remove snow from the plant life lying below the snow. This young Bison calf is standing next to mom and was captured on the main road, during a “Bison Jam”. Bison will travel throughout the park using the main road wherever possible … it is much easier walking on a snow-packed road than it is to walk through several feet of loose snow!

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 1D Mark 2 body
  • Canon EF 28mm-135mm, f/3.5-f/5.6 IS lens (captured up close, from inside the car), shot at 135mm
  • Handheld, with IS “On”
  • ISO 400
  • Aperture f/22 (stopped down since I was so close/wanted to capture all of calf in sharp focus)
  • Shutter 1/25 sec.




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