Fun Friday: Wood Ducklings

When reviewing my 2012 images for a fun image for today’s “Fun Friday” post, I found this image of a pair of Wood Duckling¬† (Aix sponsa) that I made from a kayak back in May … in fact, this was one of my last kayak adventures at this area this year, as the drought eventually caused all the water at this location to dry up.

Wood ducks are one of my favorite ducks, especially the coloration of the males. Since they nest in my area, I always delight at kayaking an area and running into a hen with her new hatchlings. But at the time this image was made, the first hatch (the wood duck typically has 2-3 hatchings/year here) had already left mom’s protection and were on their own. These two fuzzy ducklings were swimming in the water as I paddled around the corner, but then they climbed atop a log laying in the water and pretty much huddled together as I kayaked by, photographing all the way! Enjoy this “Fun Friday” post:

Wood Ducklings


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