Landscaped Nesting

Almost missed this one while hiking around Yellowstone National Park! I was just returning to the parking lot area from a hike down a steep trail to view the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. As I approached the parking lot, I noticed something that looked unusual … couldn’t quite identify what it was, but just didn’t look right. So I headed to the car and picked up my binoculars, as well as my 100-400mm telephoto lens, with 1.4x teleconvertor attached (I had made the steep hike with only my wide angle lens, to keep the weight down). Once I returned to the area, here is what I had seen … do you see the 2 things that caught my eye in this photo? (If not, check out the images farther down the page):


Osprey and nest in Yellowstone NP



After attaching my 100-400mm telephoto lens, here are 2 images that show the 2 elements I was looking at:


Closeup Photo of Osprey NestA Nest Built on the Rocks



And the apparent tenant:


Osprey in Yellowstone NPAn Osprey



Now, try going back to the first photo and see if you can find the osprey and his nest. Most people visiting while I was there did not see either one, until they stopped to check out what I was photographing!

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