Nesting Time!

During my past few kayak outings, there has been a lot of activity among the Red-winged Blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus), particularly the females as they prepare their nest. Here are a few images I’ve captured during my last few outings. In this first image, a female closely approached my kayak as she foraged for nesting materials:

Red-wing Blackbird female, looking for nesting material


The next 2 images show her success in finding/collecting materials for her nest:

Red-wing Blackbird female with nesting materialRed-wing Blackbird female with nesting material


Meanwhile the male was sitting overhead, singing:

Red-wing Blackbird male, singing


It appears this pair is making their nest in some aquatic plants that reside in the shallow water where I kayak. I’ll keep an eye on the nest and hopefully will be able to capture images as the family grows!



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