Sandhills and Sunsets

Another post from my 2012 trip to the Platte River (Nebraska) for migrating Sandhill Crane photography. Hoping to have fresh, 2015 images in a post tomorrow (barring being too busy capturing images!) :o)

The Platte River trip started out slowly, with rain sporadically hindering us. But as the week progressed, we began receiving beautiful weather and some awesome sunrises and sunsets. In today’s post, I am sharing some images of the Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis) as they return to the Platte River for roosting … and in one of those awesome sunsets!

Sandhill Cranes landing on the Platte River in the sunset

Sandhill Cranes flying in sunset

Sandhill Cranes roosting on the Platte River in the sunset

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll share another photo session with the lone Whooping Crane (Grus americanus), another awesome sight to see in person!



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