Seeing Stars

While photographing in Little Tutka Bay (Alaska) recently, I began seeing stars … literally!

A lot of people I run across aren’t aware that sea stars can be found as far north as Alaska. But they are quite common around many of the bays. And they come in assorted sizes and colors! Here are a few of the sea stars I photographed at low tide:

Sea Star


Did you notice the “stubby” new growth on the end of one of the arms? He must have lost part of that arm at some point, and it began regenerating.


Sea Star

Sea Star


And one of the coolest stars is a multi-armed star. I’ve seen these everytime I’ve visited Little Tutka Bay. If my counting is correct, there are 20 arms on this guy! (Yeh, I muddied the water quite a bit while trying to find a good angle to grab a shot of this find):

20-armed Sea Star


In addition to the Jellyfish and the Sea Stars, I also photographed some very colorful anemones, that I will feature in an upcoming post.

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