Shafted Again … Yellow, That Is

Among the species of birds congregating around our birdfeeders and holly bushes right now, are the Norther Flickers (Colaptes auratus).  And the one found in our area is the yellow-shafted variety. In these images, you can clearly see the yellow feathers that signify the yellow-shafted flickers. When cold weather settles in, our feeders get very active and there always seems to be a few of these big guys around, sometimes driving other birds from the feeders! Here are a few images I made over the past few days:

Northern Flicker male

Northern Flicker male


When not at the suet or sunflower seed feeders, they often are working over the holly bushes, sometimes 2-3 birds at a time!

Norther Flicker male, with holly berry in mouth


The Norther Flickers are usually quite noisy … you typically know when they’re around!

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