A Kentucky Visitor

Today’s post features an image I captured a few years ago, but never published! While hiking Dorsett Hill Prairie (Cass County, MO), I found this nice-looking Kentucky Warbler as it checked the trees at the edge of the prairie, for insects: Thanks to my wonderful, birding friends, Tom and Lindsay, for help in identifying this […]

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Have a Spooktacular Day!

This Halloween post features an image I captured in Ha Ha Tonka State Park a week ago. While hiking one of the trails, we came across the Natural Bridge, a rock bridge that you pass through, on the trail (I’ll post more on the Natural Bridge, later). While checking out the amazing rock formations, this […]

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On a recent visit to one of the nearby, natural Missouri prairies, there were a lot of Horsemint (Monarda bradburiana), also known as Wild Bergamot, blooming. Usually, hummingbird moths can be found foraging among these wildflowers, but none were observed during that outing.  I didn’t capture a lot of images of this beautiful wildflower as […]

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Standing Tall & Proud

Today’s post comes from a visit to nearby Dorsett Hill Prairie, about a week ago. Tall Bellflowers (Campanula americana) are beautiful wildflowers that tend to grow at the edge of woodlands. While hiking this prairie, I found a nice stand of these wildflowers growing in the meadow near the entrance to the wooded trail. Often, […]

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Woodland Beauty

First, I want to thank the many messages of encouragement and the many prayers for me and my wife during her unexpected illness and subsequent passing. Me and my family are humbled by the many cards, e-mails and messages sent via social media. They are all much appreciated! Over the last few days, arrangements for […]

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A Salute to Our National Mammal

While I was on the road recently, it was announced that we now have a “National Mammal”, the American Bison. As I participate in art shows and festivals throughout the Midwest, I constantly find that the American Bison tends to be a popular choice of my show clients.  In a salute to this wonderful animal, […]

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