Fun Friday: Friendly Eating Contest

Images in today’s Fun Friday post was captured a couple of days ago in my rural Missouri butterfly garden. As I walked past my butterfly garden, a Clearwing Hummingbird Moth captured my attention. As I watched it, the moth moved to a Butterfly Bush flower, where a Silver-spotted Skipper was already collecting nectar. I grabbed […]

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Skipping Along in the Garden

Another butterfly that is busy in my butterfly garden right now is the Skipper. Every trip to the garden allows me to find several of these small butterflies, flitting about the wildflowers and butterfly bush. Here are some of my favorite images: In another post, I’m going to feature the “key find” in the butterfly […]

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Purple-Loving Skipper

Another insect found while photographing wildflowers at my rural Missouri wildflower garden was this unidentified Skipper. He seemed quite content perched on a colorful, purple Aster: Tomorrow’s post features my “prized” critter capture in the wildflower garden :o) Photographic Equipment Used: Canon 5D Mark 3 body Canon EF 180 macro lens + Canon 1.4x TC […]

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