In Good Company

While kayaking last weekend, several duck species were seen flying around the area, with some landing quite close to my kayak. One of the largest group of ducks in the area right now is the Blue-wing Teal (Anas discors). As I kayaked the area, one pair of Blue-wing Teal took a special liking to me, […]

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WooHoo, the Ducks are Here!

(This post originally published in October 2010) D-Day (“Duck Day”) is finally here … the annual fall migration has begun and the first of the ducks have arrived in west-central Missouri. Located along the Mississippi flyway, we see many different species of ducks/geese during the spring and fall migrations. Over the past 2 days, I […]

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Green-winged Teal

One of the common ducks I’ve been seeing on my kayak outings is the Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca). This single drake (male) was sitting on a log in the water, preening himself when I rounded the corner in the kayak. Once he saw me, he immediately stopped preening and sat motionless while I snapped several […]

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