Where’s Jimmy – the Badlands of South Dakota!

And we have a winner! Allen (@afocusonnature on Twitter) was the first person to successfully identify my location as the Badlands of South Dakota. Congrats to Beverly (@BeverlyEverson) and Elijah (@WhimbrelPhoto) for second and third place, respectively.

The Badlands is not the primary focus on my current road trip, but I decided to spend a little time there to see this marvelous land, especially since some freshly fallen snow was beautifully strewn across it’s colorful mounds and pinnacles. Here are a few more images of the Badlands I made that day:

Sunset across the Badlands

Photographing the sunset, I turned around to see formations behind me ablaze in color!

In case you missed the first 2 posts of this location, here are links to those images:

I also want to say that I have not received any more phone calls from my brother … guess he is settling into his new role as “housekeeper” without further issues.  :o)

Tomorrow’s post … a clue from my new location!

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