Working At Home

Brrrrrrrr … getting cold in the morning here. So cold, that I decided to “work at home” the other morning. That way, I would be close to the house … and warmth! I should clarify things. I love the fall and winter, and even enjoy getting out in the brisk mornings. But the first few mornings of cold weather, when I’m not acclimated to the cold yet, can be a bit uncomfortable (seems I usually under dress!). So, with camera in hand, I walked the 10 acres I own and found some wonderful subjects: Frost on plant Frost on plant Frost on plant Aster thawing from the frost Fall colors on a leaf fall berries on a woodland plant And to finish my morning off, I captured a few images of my American Beautyberry bush, with ripe berries waiting for the birds! (Note: the wind was beginning to pick up at this time and it was impossible to get a really sharp image of the berries as they began swaying back and forth): American Beautyberries in fall Hoping to get out to the prairie soon, to see what surprises await me there!

Equipment Used:

  • Canon 7D body
  • Canon 180mm macro lens
  • Bogen 3221 Tripod, with Kirk Ent. HD Ballhead
  • ISO 200
  • Aperture variable
  • Shutter speeds variable
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