Yellowstone’s West Thumb, Part 1

When we first pulled up to the “warming hut” in the West Thumb area of Yellowstone, we were greeted with amazing light … the morning was very cold (remember, it was -38°F when we got up!). Combining with all the steam from the numerous thermal pools of West Thumb, the light filtering through the trees created a very ethereal atmosphere for us:

Light difusing through the trees and steam at West Thumb (Yellowstone NP)

And fell over our Bombardier snowcoaches:

Light filters through the trees at West Thumb (Yellowstone NP)

Light filters through the trees at West Thumb (Yellowstone NP)

You know it’s good whenever it takes 30 minutes just to leave the parking lot! Tomorrow’s post will go beyond the parking lot and will include some images of the West Thumb thermal pools … quite a sight in these conditions!

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