Anan’s Big Bruisers

In the last two posts, I featured an overall look at Anan Creek and some cute spring black bear cubs. Today, I’ll share a few images of the adult Black Bears (Ursus americanus) of Anan Creek.

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, Anan Creek has a wonderful photo blind that sits down along the bank of Anan Creek and overlooks the favorite fishing spot for the black bears. There are a lot of rocks in the water at this location and the water rushes through with such force that there is constant white water. At any given time, you may see several black bears along the edge of the creek, patiently waiting for the next salmon to attempt swimming upstream, through these white waters. When a fish comes along, the bears immediately go into the water after the fish. Here are a few images made from the photo blind:


 (© 2007 James A. Braswell)



 (© 2007 James A. Braswell)



 (© 2007 James A. Braswell)



Tomorrow, I’ll have one last post from the Anan Creek trip … some non-bear wildlife.

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