Fun Friday: Looking for Goodies

Today’s post features one of the five bears I observed during my recent trip to Glacier National Park (Montana). This black bear was close to the road and continuously foraged among the rocks and wildflowers on the mountainside: Photographic Equipment Used: Canon 7D Mark II body Canon 100-400mm, f/4.5-5.6 IS lens, shot at 400mm ¬†Handheld, […]

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I’m Beary Pleased!

As you may have realized, I have been away from the computer and social media for a couple of weeks. I just returned from a wonderful trip to beautiful Glacier National Park, in northwestern Montana. The main objective I had for this trip was to photograph the Perseids meteor shower over the beautiful landscapes of […]

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Wish I Could Have a ‘Do Over’!

While editing older images over the past few days, I ran across a memory that will never elude me … a bear fight involving 4 bears! While visiting Hallo Bay (Alaska) in 2004, to photograph the coastal brown bears (grizzlies) of Alaska’s Katmai National Park, there was a sow with her 2 cubs (the cubs […]

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Fun Friday: Day Dreamin’

Just sitting here, day dreaming of some of my Alaska travels … and wishing I was back in Hallo Bay ! This image was made during one of our excursions to the beach area at Hallo Bay, Alaska. In late May/early June, everyone waits with anticipation as the brown bear sows move from their dens, […]

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Meeting the Whale Researchers, and More

After photographing the River Otters for a short time, we docked in Sointula, where we met and had a wonderful time with some whale researchers. In this first image, Captain Ronn, owner and captain of Delphinus, our boat for the trip, discusses things with Molly (a trip guest) and famed whale researcher, author and environmentalist […]

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Fun Friday: “Tag, You’re ‘It’!”

Today’s “Fun Friday” post comes from Hallo Bay, Alaska, during my first trip to photograph the wonderful Brown Bears in 2004. Cubs, especially first-year cubs, are always precious and wonderful to photograph. Their antics always entertain me, such as this pair that was apparently playing the game of “tag”: These cubs were born over the […]

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