Good At What They Do

From 2011, a blog post of fishing black bears, at one of my favorite Alaska destinations, Anan Creek. During the salmon runs, it is not uncommon to find many black bears lined up along, or even in, Anan Creek as they catch salmon:

In today’s post, I’ll share some images made of black bears catching fish at Anan Creek, during my recent Alaska trip.

Bears are excellent fishing machines, both blacks and grizzlies. At Anan Creek, the creek was raging when we visited this year, due to the excessive amounts of rainfall that the Inside Passage received during the entire month of August. This made the job of catching fish a bit more difficult (as well as for the salmon to traverse their uphill struggle to reach their spawning grounds), but the bears still managed to catch a lot of fish while we were there.

There were 2 basic methods of fishing we saw: standing on the bank and watching for salmon to swim by:


Black Bear watching for salmon in Anan Creek


… or getting out in the middle of the creek and waiting for a salmon to swim to you!


Black Bear in chest-high waters



Black Bear fishes in neck-high water in Anan Creek



And here is another black bear, making his way out of the water and among the rocks, trying to reach higher ground so he can enjoy his catch!


Black Bear with salmon


Black Bear with salmon


Black Bear carrying salmon


Tomorrow, I should have a new post on my recent photo project, photographing the covered bridges of Madison County, Iowa, in fall colors.



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