Hallo Bay … My Nemesis Inhabitant

Today’s post draws my quest to find my nemesis Hallo Bay inhabitant to conclusion. I have been to Hallo Bay Bear Camp 6 times and have never seen a wolf at camp during my previous 5 trips, although many guests to the camp walk away with great memories, even photos, of these splendid creatures. Oh, […]

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WolfWednesday – “Yellowstone Druids” (Images from 2008)

In last week’s WolfWednesday’s post, I mentioned the famous Druid wolf pack of Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. This post is in memory of this famous pack, who presented many wolf-watchers and photographers many great photo opps over a 14-year time period. Unfortunately, the original Druid pack was killed off during the winter of 2009-2010, with only […]

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WolfWednesday 02/09/11

Today’s post includes some images I made last Sunday, during my last day of shooting in Yellowstone NP. As I drove through the Lamar Valley, we spotted a lone grey wolf making his way through the heavy snow, about 150 yards from the road. This was not my first wolf sighting of the trip. I […]

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