Here A Quack, There A Quack, Everywhere A Quack Quack!

Upon arriving at Crater Lake, we took a short break to eat some snacks and just enjoy our surroundings (check this out if you missed the Crater Lake landscape images!). While we were sitting there, we saw several ducks on the far side of Crater Lake. A short time later, we saw a hen with 7 young ducklings heading our way. As we sat and watched, they continued coming our direction until they were on the shoreline, right in front of us! Here are a few images I made of the cute little family:


Momma duck with 7 ducklings



When the family got closer to the shore, the little ones began to “run across the water” towards the shoreline. It’s always so cute to watch the young ducklings as they imitate flight:


Baby ducklings "running on water" with mom behind them


Momma duck and her ducklings

Momma duck and her ducklings

Momma duck and her ducklings

Young ducklings at the water's edge



Tomorrow’s post will feature a few different wildflowers that we saw while hiking back down the mountain from Crater Lake.

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