Wildflowers of Crater Lake

As we left Crater Lake, walking down the trail, we came upon 3 wildflowers that we had not seen around Maroon Lake. The first one was one of my favorites, Blue Columbine, a beautiful but dainty-looking wildflower:       The next one we found was Indian Paintbrush, which grew in small clumps in one […]

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Here A Quack, There A Quack, Everywhere A Quack Quack!

Upon arriving at Crater Lake, we took a short break to eat some snacks and just enjoy our surroundings (check this out if you missed the Crater Lake landscape images!). While we were sitting there, we saw several ducks on the far side of Crater Lake. A short time later, we saw a hen with […]

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Golden Critters Found at Crater Lake

When we hiked to Crater Lake, we had a colony of Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus lateralis) that became active as the sun rose above the treeline. Here are a couple of my favorite images:     Cute little guys! They resemble the numerous Colorado Chipmunks that seemed to be everywhere. But the biggest differences were […]

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