Minnesota – Meet “Scooter”

While staying at my sister-in-law’s house during our recent Minnesota trip, I was surprised to find that they now had chickens on their propery. One chicken in particular, a rooster named “Scooter” was an interesting bird. Seems that Scooter has quite a history.

All of the chickens they have are Bantams (so I’m told; I personally don’t know one breed from another). They originally obtained the chickens to help keep the yard/gardens free of bugs. After the initial chicken acquisition, they later obtained Scooter. When Scooter was added to the group, seems that none of the chickens accepted him. So poor Scooter was a loner. But a while later, they noticed that Scooter had found a new “friend” … a bowling ball that happened to be in the area of the chicken pen. As the other chickens would strut around the yard, Scooter would sit on the bowling ball.

Anyway, a few months later, they managed to inherit some more chickens. Out of this batch, one of the hens took an immediate liking to Scooter. While we were there, we would often see Scooter wandering around their large yard, with the hen close behind. Reminds me of the Mother Goose story of Mary and her Little Lamb … everywhere that Scooter went, the hen was sure to go. I got a few good shots of Scooter, but the hen was very “camera shy” … anytime she saw me with the camera, off she would go.

But here’s some pix of Scooter:

"Scooter" rooster

"Scooter" rooster

Tomorrow, I’ll post some of the wildlife we saw on the trip. If you missed any of the Minnesota trip postings, you can click on the following links to view them:

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