Minnesota Wildflowers (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s post, here are some more wildflowers, some with critters, I captured during our recent Minnesota trip. All images were made at the Shurburne NWR, north and west of Minneapolis. And, as always, any identification corrections are welcomed!

The first image is Purple Prairie Clover (Petalostemon purpureum):

Purple Prairie Clover


The next image is a Monarch Butterfly Caterpiller (Danaus plexippus) on Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca). Hungry little bugger … notice the large hole in the milkweed leaf, where his head is sticking through:

Monarch Caterpiller on Common Milkweed


A short distance away, a Red Dragonfly (genus/species unknown) was resting on a plant leaf. This was a neat find for me, as I have never seen a red dragonfly in the field before:

Red Dragonfly


That concludes the Minnesota Wildflower posts. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to “Scooter”.

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