So, how good a fisherman are you?!!!

Yesterday, while working indoors (still raining here) I was going through my Lightroom database of images from the last 7 years, doing some “hard core” editing to free up more space on my hard drive. One of the images I ran upon was taken at Hallo Bay Bear Camp in Alaska. My wife and I made our first trip to Hallo Bay in September of 2004, when this image was taken. We spent a fabulous week at the camp, photographing Alaskan Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) fishing for silver salmon. On one of the days, this brown bear was fishing the creek, just a few feet from where we were positioned. After lunging into the water, he came up with this:

Alaskan Brown Bear with 2 fish

Now, my question to you: How observant are you? Did you count the number of fish this bear caught? If you look closely, you will see two fish tails … that’s right, this bear was skilled enough to come up with 2 fish at one time! So, I’m asking all the fisherman who read this post, “How good a fisherman are you? Can you measure up to this guy?”

By the way, in all the excitement of viewing/photographing the Alaskan brown bears, I didn’t even realize that this bear had 2 fish until after we returned home and I downloaded all my images onto my home computer … funny how we photographers get so involved with “capturing the moment” that we don’t really have the entire picture at the time! That’s why I now force myself to occasionally set my camera down and just watch nature unfolding before my own eyes … experiencing the events in real time. Not easy to do, but well worth it!

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