Stalling for Time: Shameless, Self-Promotion

Stalling for some time to get some of my recent Baja images edited and sized for blog posts, I’m going to share another recent project that I’ve been working on (both on the Baja trip and while in bed, after returning home).

Towards the end of 2012, I was approached by Glacier National Park (Montana) about using one of my brown bear images (from Hallo Bay, Alaska) in an informational kiosk at the park. Since that initial request, many e-mails flowed back-and-forth between Glacier NP and myself. In early March, we reached agreement and I sold one-time rights to the park for use of the requested image.

The project? Glacier NP will be fabricating an informational kiosk within the park, educating park visitors to the possibility of encountering grizzly bears, as well as bear safety tips. They plan on printing my bear image to a height of 4-5 foot tall, double-sided and encased in plexiglass, and have it next to the bear safety tips. This visual display will allow visitors with small children to be photographed “next to a grizzly bear”. Quite an interesting project!

As this project proceeds, Glacier NP will be sending me photos of both in-process and the finished display, which I will share through my posts. Here is the image that Glacier NP opted to use for this project:

Standing Brown Bear


Meanwhile, I’m hoping to have my first Baja blog post ready for tomorrow’s post.

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