Summer Rachets Up!

As the temperatures rise and the humidity levels race upward, as if in a race with the temperatures, I’m taking a “cool down” period … no kayaking, no hiking, no potentially bothering the wildlife. Just stayin’ around the house and doing as much indoor work as possible, while staying cool! So, over the next few days I’ll be posting some images made over the past month or so, until I can return to the great outdoors to play!

Today’s post includes some more images that I made when I was scouting the local prairie meadow for wildflower blooms, for my 4-H club field trips. Yesterday, I posted on some beautiful Spiderwort and Bumble Bee images. Today, I’ve got another summer wildflower photographed from that trip.

The first image is displaying a beautiful flower … I’m pretty sure this is a Pale Purple Coneflower (Echinacea pallida), but welcome any corrections. I did find some pretty nice stands of these beauties:


Pale Purple Coneflower


Shortly after finding the above wildflower, I came upon this next wildflower, which appears to be the same wildflower (Pale Purple Coneflower), but at an earlier growth stage, just shooting out it’s ray florets:


Pale Purple Coneflower


And in tomorrow’s post, I’ll share a creature that I found as I emerged from the woodlands that surround the prairie meadow.

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