An Early May

Today’s post features a woodland wildflower that is about a week early in blooming … the May apple (Podophyllum peltatum). We observed many of these plants emerging through the leaf litter over the past few weeks and within the past few days many are now showing off their under-leaf white flowers. It reminds me of […]

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Fun Friday: Change The Calendar!

(Note:  If you are signed up to automatically receive my blog post via e-mail, but have not been receiving it lately, please shoot me an e-mail ( and let me know. I will add you to a manual e-mail list to receive my daily blog posts. Sorry for the inconvenience). I don’t know about you, […]

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May Is Near!

On my last woodland wildflower workshop, we found some May Apples (Podophyllum peltatum) that were beginning to show their flower bud … although it is still May.  If you are not familiar with the May Apple, also sometimes called Mandrake, is a rather large plant, up to 12″-18″ tall, with a single white flower. The […]

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While I was exploring the nearby woodlands for wildflowers the other morning, I came upon a clump of May Apple (Podophyllum peltatum) wildflower shoots, sticking about 3 inches above the leaf litter. May Apples, also called Mandrake, typically bloom in May, as their name implies. But this group was anxious for the warm, spring temperatures […]

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My Calendar Must Be Wrong!

A few days ago, while hiking around the nearby natural prairie, I was a bit surprised to find May Apples (Podophyllum peltatum), sometimes called Mandrake, already in bloom! These guys are really quick growers that seem to sprout up and add inches of growth on a daily basis. Here are some of the images I […]

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Dazed and Confused

No, for any “Led Heads” out there, I’m not talking about one of rockers’ Led Zepplin’s huge hits. I’m describing one of our woodland wildflowers, the May Apple (Podophyllum peltatum). I have been seeing these wildflowers blooming for the past couple of weeks of April, giving one the perception that they may be a bit confused […]

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