And Now … the Rest of the Story

I received a couple of questions regarding last Friday’s post (“A Different Bear Behavior”) so I thought I’d set the stage for that encounter in today’s post.

When we arrived at the beach site, the brown bear sow was off in the distance, on the clam flats at low tide, with her two 1-year-old cubs following her. As they headed our direction, we all sat down in a comfortable little group and began getting our camera gear ready. As they approached us, the one cub veered off to his right (our left) towards the rock, where he began pulling the barnacles off the rock with his strong teeth. Meanwhile, momma bear and the remaining cub continued to walk towards us, with momma frequently glancing over to the wayward cub to ensure it’s safety:


Brown Bear sow with cub


Then, while the one cub continued snacking on barnacles, momma bear began to dig up razor clams while the other little cub watched with anticipation. Seeing this, the barnacle-fixated cub left the rock and scrambled over to mom and sibling:


Brown Bear sow teaching cubs how to clam


Typical “teens” … one cub seemed to be interested in learning the process … the other cub was more interested in chowing down razor clam pieces!

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