First Damselfly

During one of my recent kayak outings, I saw my first-of-year Damselfly buzzing the kayak and then settling in on this wonderful plant. Sorry, but I don’t know the ID of this plant at this time. This is the same plant that contained the spider web from an earlier post (“Water Web”). If anyone knows this aquatic plant’s identity, I’d appreciate a heads-up.

Slowly guiding the kayak around the damselfly, I captured these images at close range with my Canon 7D body/Canon 100-400mm lens:

Damselfly clinging to an aquatic plant

Damselfly clinging to an aquatic plant


Over the past 4 years, I have become interested in photographing small subjects, up close, like this Damselfly. Funny, I really wasn’t interested in pursuing macro photography until one of my Digital SLR students asked me to teach a Macro Photography class (which is now part of my 3-night “Nature Photography” class). Reluctantly, I began shooting some macro images so that I could learn and teach the requested class. But I soon found a new interest! I particularly like photographing Dragons and Damsels (flies, that is), as well as wildflower closeups. Within the next month, I should have these subjects again at my fingertips, so I’m forewarning you … expect some upcoming macro photography posts!



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