Fun Friday

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from Anan Creek, Alaska. As I review my past images from Anan Creek, getting ready for my upcoming Alaska Photo Workshop, I ran upon this fun foto.

Bears typically don’t like to get their ears wet, but it sometimes happens when fishing in the creeks and streams for salmon moving up the streams to spawn. This Black Bear (Ursus americanus) had just emerged from Anan Creek and proceeded to shake as much water as possible off. The interesting thing about this photo is that I was able to capture the blurred motion of the shake, with only the eye in sharp focus … this is what I was after, but I guarantee there is a bit of luck in being able to capture this type of image. The eye must be near the center of the bear’s head rotation. This causes the eye to be (relatively) motion-free, while the rest of the head travels around that central point (the eye). I certainly appreciated this bear’s cooperation!


Black Bear shaking water off


What will this year’s trip to Anan Creek bring? For now, I can only dream about it … but it won’t be long!

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