Prothonotary Warbler Fledglings

I’ll get back to some of the Alaska posts soon, but for the next few days, I’m going to post some images from a successful day of kayaking I did last week. One of the reasons I’m doing this is because I’m currently traveling, making my way to Alaska for the upcoming photo workshop I’m leading. I’m taking a little different approach this time … instead of flying, I’m driving to Washington state, then catching the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry for the trip! I’m hoping this additional time will give me some more photographic opportunities. And by the way, if you were planning on placing any orders or contacting me about some photo project, my housesitter will not be responding to these … he is there only to take care of the house and emergency issues. I will be handling routine items when I return home.

Also, I will do my best to post to my blog on a regular basis … whenever I have the time and internet connection, but there will be times when I cannot post. Also, Twitter time will be little to none during a lot of this trip. I’m going to make every effort to capture as many subjects and images as possible. And if I can make the time, I will tweet my posts and reply back, but this will likely be the exception. Ok, let’s get to today’s post.

Today’s images were made from the kayak, as these baby birds flew into a tree near me. After consulting with a good birding friend of mine, we both agree that these appear to be fledgling Prothonotary Warblers:


Young Prothonotary Warbler


Young Prothonotary Warbler



Young Prothonotary Warbler

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