Fun Friday: Blurry-Eyed

While looking through my images late last night, I ran across this image taken in 2004 with my first digital camera (Canon 10D) and decided to post it as my “Fun Friday” image today:


Brown Bear chasing salmon (blur image)


Choosing this image was not coincidental, I have just reserved a spot at the camp for next year, for some more great brown bear/wolf photography! And I might even turn it into a photo workshop … we’ll see how things pan out. Normally, I don’t like blurs, even when done “pleasingly”. But this one has always had a special place in my heart … my first real photography trip to Alaska (not counting a couple of cruises, which you can’t really count as a photography trip due to being on someone else’s time schedule, as a tourist!) … my first trip (of several) to the Hallo Bay bear camp … and my first real blur shot, albeit unintentional! You see, I also learned on that trip that bears are much quicker animals than they appear to be … their large, bulky structure doesn’t paint a true picture of their speed. These guys can travel up to 35 mph, if they want,or need to!

And on Monday … I’ll resume posts of images taken during my recent 5-week photo road trip. We’ll be heading southward, towards Anan Creek and it’s bountiful black bear population, as well as many other wonderful things along the way. Be sure to join me on Monday!

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