Been busy traveling, finally reaching the destination for catching the ferry to Alaska, which happens tomorrow. On the way, however, had a wonderful day Tuesday at a favorite location I love shooting … Lee Metcalf NWR. Lee Metcalf is a wonderful wildlife refuge, located about 20 minutes south of Missoula, Montana. One of the subjects I always shoot here are the ospreys. And not only do they live here in the summer, but they nest here. During my stop this year, I was fortunate to witness an osprey chick fledging from the nest. This was quite a sight to see. After numerous times of jumping into the air and flapping his wings, he just took off! And not a bad job flying, either. But he was totally inexperienced at landing, which was so obvious … missed the limb in 2 different trees, before finally coming to rest in the original nesting tree, below the nest. I’ll expand on that experience in another post, when I have more time for editing the photos and for writing the narrative. So, today’s post will only be a “Photo For the Day” … one of the osprey flying:   Osprey landing As I prepare for another great Alaska adventure, and the photo workshop I’ll be overseeing, I will probably only be posting single photos … I’ll keep the photos and stories to a time when I return home. Until then, please enjoy the photos!


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