Little Pink Bells

From a little over a week ago, after we had a snowfall, I found these cute little pink, bell-shaped flowers in one of our wildflower gardens. They resemble the blue harebell wildflowers a lot, but I’m pretty sure these are not wildflowers. My wife planted a lot of non-natives in the area, mostly iris and […]

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Visions of Spring

While editing yesterday’s photo of the Monarch butterfly chrysalis, I also saw these images, which were never featured in a blog post. Also in my sister-in-law’s garden, were these beautiful flowers: The top two are lilies and the bottom two are wildflowers, all contained in a flower garden behind her house. I always enjoy photographing […]

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Rice ‘n’ Beans

Earlier in the year, I posted quite a few posts on the first part of my winter Baja trip … all of these posts were made during the Sea of Cortez portion of the trip. I’m now going to start posting on the inland part of the trip, starting with this “setup” post that launches […]

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Rocky Mountain Beauty

This beauty was found in a small patch of wildflowers, growing down the pathway from where yesterday’s images of the Maroon Bells were taken:         At first glance, I wasn’t sure what this wildflower was, but resembled the Columbine. An ID search later confirmed this indeed was a Columbine. I’ve seen lots […]

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