Lee Metcalf NWR, Part 2

Although the Ospreys are one of the highlights for me at the refuge, there are many other interesting things to see there. When I first drove into the refuge grounds, I was pleased to see some fog over the pools:       As the fog began to dissipate, a single American White Pelican (Pelecanus […]

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And Now, the Rest of the Story!

While photographing at the Lee Metcalf NWR, near Missoula, Montana, I posted an image of a fledging Osprey (Pandion haliaetus). And now, the rest of the story: Immediately after arriving at the Lee Metcalf NWR, I drove to a long-time osprey nest, located next to the refuge road. When I pulled up, I noticed a […]

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Sensational Sandhills!

Today’s photo was also made a couple of days ago at the Lee Metcalf NWR, outside Missoula, Montana. During my day at the refuge, I was constantly hearing Sandhill Cranes, with their raspy “croaking” sounds, but could never spot them in the refuge’s tall grasses. However, late morning brought 4 of them flying across the […]

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Been busy traveling, finally reaching the destination for catching the ferry to Alaska, which happens tomorrow. On the way, however, had a wonderful day Tuesday at a favorite location I love shooting … Lee Metcalf NWR. Lee Metcalf is a wonderful wildlife refuge, located about 20 minutes south of Missoula, Montana. One of the subjects […]

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